Residence in Montenegro

There are three types of stay:

Staying up to 90 days is possible without a visa on the basis of the visa regime established by the Government of Montenegro. In this case you can stay in Montenegro for a maximum of 90 days for six months or 180 days for the year.

Residence permit

You can obtain a temporary residence permit if you are going to stay in Montenegro for more than 90 days.

Foreigners may obtain a temporary residence permit on the following grounds:

- Family reunification;

- Education;

- International student exchange program;

- Internship, advanced training;

- Scientific-research activity;

- Treatment;

- Humanitarian causes;

- Departure of religious rites;

- Work activity;

- Ownership of real estate

- Other grounds provided by the legislation of the country.

When buying a property in Montenegro, citizens of any country have the right to obtain a residence permit. The authorities of Montenegro have decided not to limit the minimum of the value of real estate, which allows obtaining the residence permit of the state.

Permanent residence

Permanent residence can be granted if you have lived in Montenegro for five years continuously on the basis of a temporary residence permit. In exceptional cases, permanent residence in Montenegro will be allowed to you if you have been in Montenegro for less than five years continuously if it is required for reasons of humanity or is of interest to Montenegro.